• Dan Garcia

    A native of Madrid, Spain, Dan Garcia is a New York City guitarist specializing in flamenco and classical guitar. Dan has performed and toured with many artists and currently leads his project CaneliBeat, which blends the sounds of flamenco with the beats on New York City.

  • Nick "Nicky Numbers" Brancato

    World Series of Poker Circuit Champion Nick "Nicky Numbers" Brancato is Director of Training and Curriculum for WPT Boot Camp, the pioneer of formal poker training. Many of Nick's students have become successful full-cash or tournament pros. In addition to teaching poker, Nick does expert commentary and analysis for WPT and WSOP broadcasts. He has played over 2 million hands of poker.

  • Dhiran Mistry

    A peaceful and focused hair artist, Dhiran Mistry is a stylish and engaging London import who delights every client before him. He possesses an extraordinary, exciting talent beneath his aura of calm, and is always in demand. John Barrett Salon adores having him within its ranks.

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