• Matt Lopez

    Matt Lopez is a hip-hop, funk and street jazz dance teacher based in New York City and the founder of DEF-C Crew. Lopez is currently teaching open/drop-in classes at Steps On Broadway and Dance New Amsterdam and is available for private lessons and master classes.

  • Chef Brendan McDermott

    Brendan McDermott has been cooking professionally in restaurants in his hometown of New York City for over 11 years. His resume includes: Patria, Mesa Grill, Olives, RM, Alta and Porchetta. Brendan is currently a chef instructor at The Institute of Culinary Education.

  • Joel Gamoran

    Joel Gamoran is a Seattle-born chef who was trained in Italy and Napa Valley. Joel runs one of the most popular cooking schools in New York and makes frequent appearances on local and national TV. Look for him to have his own cooking show in the near future.

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