How to Hang Garlands & Tinsel on a Christmas Tree

Master the art—and it is an art—of hanging garlands and tinsel on your Christmas tree.

You will need

  • Garlands or tinsel
  • Craft wire or ribbon
  • A stepladder

Step 1 Pick one Decide whether you want to hang tinsel—those silvery strands hung from branches to add shimmer to a tree—or garlands, which are long, decorative pieces that wrap around the tree. Using both can be a bit much.

Step 2 Hang the lights first String the lights the way you want them before you put on the tinsel or a garland.

Step 3 Hang tinsel individually If you’re using tinsel, commit to hanging it one piece at a time. Yes, it will be time-consuming, but the end result—even instead of clumpy—will be worth it.

Step 4 Choose a garland If you prefer garlands, decide what kind you’d like. Choices include ones made of tinsel, popcorn, cranberries, candy, and beads.

Step 5 Drape the garlands Start at the top. If you need to, use a stepladder to reach. Drape the garlands around the tree, creating evenly spaced dips. To keep your garlands’ shape, secure sections to branches with wire or ribbon, or just wrap it around branches.

Step 6 Consider vertical garlands For a more unusual look, hang garland strands vertically, knotting them to top branches and letting them float to the bottom of the tree.