How to Do Good Mornings

If you want a butt that you can bounce quarters off of, this lift is for you.


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You Will Need

  • An un-weighted barbell


  1. Always consult a physician before attempting any exercise program.

  2. Step 1

    Hold barbell across neck & shoulders

    Stand with your knees slightly bent and your feet shoulder width apart. Hold a barbell across your trapezius muscles—which connect your neck to your shoulders.

  3. To keep the bar steady and your back straight, squeeze your shoulder blades together, keep looking forward, and stick your butt out throughout the lift.

  4. Step 2

    Bend forward

    Slowly bend forward from your hips while keeping your back straight until your back is parallel to the floor.

  5. Use your stomach muscles to help steady your torso.

  6. Step 3

    Raise torso back upright

    Breathe out as you slowly raise your torso back upright.

  7. Step 4

    Repeat until tired

    Repeat the lift until you're tired—but don't overdo it.

  8. You can start doing this lift with no bar and just your bodyweight by crossing your arms over your chest and going through the motion.