How to Reduce Anxiety

No need to go through life fretting and sweating. There are easy tricks to calm down quick!

You will need

  • A video game
  • B-vitamins
  • Fish
  • The scent of lavender or vanilla
  • And some herbal tea
  • Brazil nuts

Step 1 Play a video game Play a video game. Researchers have found that a Game Boy eased anxiety in young patients awaiting surgery better than a prescription tranquilizer. Goal-oriented play boosts dopamine in the brain, a chemical linked to positive feelings.

Step 2 Relinquish control Know your ‘no-control zone.’ Most things we’re anxious about are completely out of our control, so it’s useless to worry about them.

Step 3 Get perspective Think of the absolute worst-case, catastrophically bad scenario. This helps put things in better perspective.

Step 4 Take vitamin B Take a B-complex vitamin. These are the ones that are depleted first when you’re anxious or stressed.

Step 5 Eat fish Eat more fish. Foods like tuna and salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which quash anxiety.

Step 6 Avoid low-fat dieting Have the full-fat ice cream! British researchers found that people on low-fat diets are more depressed and anxious, and fat boosts levels of serotonin.

Step 7 Talk it out Call a friend. Talking things out is proven to ease anxiety by triggering the release of oxytocin — a chemical which makes us feel safe and secure.

Step 8 Use aromatherapy Take a whiff of lavender or vanilla. Studies show these scents reduce anxiety more than prescription anti-anxiety drugs!

Step 9 Repeat a mantra Give yourself a mantra to repeat when you’re anxious; this will alter your brain waves so you’ll feel in control.

Step 10 Try herbal remedies Try an herbal remedy: lemongrass, chamomile, and dandelion all calm the central nervous system.

Step 11 See a doctor If nothing helps, see a doctor. Over 21 million Americans have some form of anxiety disorder, including Drew Barrymore and David Beckham.