How to Relieve Menstrual Cramps with Acupressure

Don't suffer through one more bout of period pain. Instead, try this trick from the ancient Chinese healing art acupressure.


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Get the lowdown on acupressure, and how it differs from acupuncture, in this Howcast video series on the popular alternative therapy. You'll learn how to use acupressure to stop a cough and how to use it to relieve nausea, menstrual cramps, insomnia, a stuffy nose, and sinus pain. It just takes knowing exactly where to apply the pressure.

You Will Need

  • Two hands


  1. If you feel pain when using acupressure, stop immediately. Pregnant women should not use acupressure.

  2. Step 1

    Find the sweet spot

    Find the acupressure spot SP-6, called the Sanyinjiao point. Located four finger widths above your inner ankle bone, just behind the shinbone, it helps relax the cervix, according to Chinese medicine.

  3. If you feel pain when you press down, you're on the wrong spot.

  4. Step 2

    Press it with your thumb

    Take your thumb and press on the point for six seconds, then release it for two seconds. Keep this up for five minutes.

  5. Step 3

    Switch feet

    Switch to the other leg and repeat.

  6. Step 4


    Repeat once more on each leg.

  7. This acupressure move can also help new mothers deal with the cramps they experience for several days after giving birth.

  8. Step 5

    Feel good

    Feel good knowing you have a powerful new weapon against menstrual cramps.

  9. In one study, 87 percent of participants who tried acupressure to relieve their menstrual cramps said they found it helpful.