How to Play the Google Language Computer Prank on a Co-Worker

Change your colleague's Google settings with this easy prank, and watch their head spin!

You will need

  • Your coworkeru2019s unattended and unlocked computer
  • An internet connection

Step 1 Click "Preferences"] On your coworker’s computer, go to “”: and click on “Preferences,” located to the right of the search box.

Step 2 Select search language In the “Search Language” section to view language options, including French, Japanese, and Arabic. Select Estonian.

Step 3 Click "Save Preferences" Click “Save Preferences.” Google search results will now be displayed in the Estonian language.

Step 4 Have fun at your coworker's expense Return to your desk, and laugh maniacally as your coworker struggles to understand their search results. Joke’s on them!