How to Set Up a Trust Fall

Want to learn what it really means to put your faith in someone else? Try a trust fall, where one person falls backward, depending upon another to catch them.

You will need

  • Two or more people
  • Trust
  • An elevated platform (optional)

Step 1 Position person who will fall Instruct the person who will fall to stand with their eyes shut and their hands folded across their chest.

Step 2 Position spotter Position the person who will catch – the spotter – behind the person who will fall.

Step 3 Fall Instruct the faller to keep their body straight and stiff and to lean back on their heels, allowing themselves to fall into the arms of the spotter.

Step 4 Trust fall with several spotters If you have more people participating, position several to surround the faller. Spotters stand in a semicircle around the back of the faller to catch them.

Step 5 Perform an elevated trust fall Stage a trust fall from an elevated platform, such as a stepstool, tree stump, or riser. Spotters face each other and link hands. The faller falls into the net of arms.

Step 6 Think about how you feel Think about how this exercise makes you feel once you and your adrenaline level have fallen. The object is to become more trusting and confident.