How to Teach Your Dog to Beg

It's easy to teach an old dog – or a young one – new tricks, especially if he has already learned such basics as "stay" and "sit."


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You Will Need

  • A dog that can sit and stay on command
  • Dog treats


  1. Before you begin, have your vet check that your dog doesn't have hip or orthopedic problems that begging could aggravate.

  2. Step 1

    Tell your dog to sit and to stay. Keep them in that position for a few moments.

  3. Step 2

    With your dog in the sit–stay position, hold a treat above the dog's nose and say, "Beg."

  4. Give all commands in a strong, assertive voice. Don't hit or yell at your dog for not responding properly.

  5. Step 3

    Correct the dog if they jump for the treat. Pull the treat away and firmly say, "No."

  6. Training sessions should be no longer than 15 minutes.

  7. Step 4

    Give the dog praise and a treat when they respond to "Beg" by sitting on their hind legs and balancing with both paws up.

  8. Help your dog balance by supporting their back with your hand if they need extra help.

  9. Step 5

    Practice the new trick. Your dog will be eager to show it off!

  10. Sweet Pea, a border collie and German shepherd mix, holds a Guinness record for jumping rope 75 times in one minute.