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How to Keep Beer Cold

If your beer seems too warm, you could always drink it faster! Or, you could keep it cold longer with these tricks.

You will need

  • A foam beer cozy
  • Styrofoam
  • Aluminum foil
  • Wet socks
  • Rope
  • A tree branch
  • A tent

Step 1 Keep your hands off the beer can or bottle as much as possible to prevent your body heat from warming it up.

Step 2 Use a foam beer cozy that’s at least a half-inch thick. Choose a light color; dark colors absorb more heat.

Step 3 If you’ve got a block of Styrofoam, stick your can or bottle into it. Testers found that this keeps beer cool even better than a cozy.

Step 4 No Styrofoam or cozy available? Wrap your beer in some aluminum foil.

Step 5 Keep beer cool at a campsite by sticking each can in a wet sock and using rope to tie it to a tree branch. The combination of wind and wetness will keep them cold until you’re ready to pop one.

Step 6 You can also dig a shallow hole in the ground in a corner of your tent, and shove some cans into it. The shaded ground will keep your beer cool.