How to Reduce Your Garbage Output

The average American throws away four pounds of garbage a day. But with a little effort, you can whittle your waste way down.

You will need

  • A compost heap
  • Reusable shopping totes
  • Recycling bins

Step 1 Avoid packaging Vote with your wallet: purchase goods with little or no packaging. Avoid buying food with unnecessary wrapping—especially Styrofoam or plastic—such as pre-packaged fruits and vegetables.

Step 2 Start a compost Instead of throwing out coffee grounds, eggshells, tea bags, and produce scraps, save them in a bucket near your garbage can and periodically add them to a backyard compost.

Step 3 Save on bags Ask the cashier not to double-bag. Better yet, bring your own reusable totes.

Step 4 Recycle Recycle as much glass, paper, and plastic as you can.

Step 5 Limit take out Limit take-out food, which is very packaging-intensive. If you do order take-out, find a way to re-use the packaging. That’s it – 5 easy ways to reduce your garbage output.