How to Divide Decimals

If you can move a dot and solve a simple division problem, then you can divide decimals as well as any math whiz.

You will need

  • A pen or pencil
  • Paper

Step 1 Change the divisor Change the divisor – the number by which the other number, the dividend, is divided – to a whole number by moving the decimal point to the right.

Step 2 Move the decimal of the dividend Move the decimal point of the dividend to the right the same number of places as you moved the decimal in the divisor.

Step 3 Write the division problem Write your division problem with the divisor outside the long division symbol, and the dividend inside of it.

Step 4 Place zeros in any empty places Place zeros to the right of the decimal point, in any “empty” places created by moving the decimal place of the dividend.

Step 5 Place a decimal above the decimal point in the dividend Place a decimal directly above the decimal point in the dividend – on top of the long division symbol.

Step 6 Divide Divide using normal division to complete your computation.