How to Do the Walk-the-Dog Yo Yo Trick

This is one of the most famous classic yo yo tricks you can perform. It's easy and always a hit.

You will need

  • A yo-yo
  • Basic yo-yo experience
  • A flat floor or ground

Step 1 Throw a fast sleeper Throw a fast sleeper to start the trick. Drop the yo-yo and don’t let it bounce and return to your hand after you drop it.

Step 2 Swing the yo-yo in front of you Swing the yo-yo gingerly in front of you and set it lightly on the ground.

Step 3 Let the yo-yo move Let the spinning motion of the yo-yo pull it along the ground. If the yo-yo snaps back early, just try it again.

Step 4 Return the yo-yo Return the yo-yo to your hand by giving it a quick jerk before it stops spinning.