How to Do the Three-Leaf Clover Yo Yo Trick

With a little skill, you can flawlessly make three inside loops with your yo yo to perform the three-leaf clover yo yo trick.

You will need

  • Yo-yo
  • Practice
  • Audience

Step 1 Put string on middle finger Place the loop of the yo-yo string on the middle finger of your favored hand.

Step 2 Place yo-yo in hand Hold the yo-yo in the palm of your hand, with the edge between your thumb and middle finger. Your palm is facing down.

Step 3 Throw the yo-yo up Perform your first loop by throwing the yo-yo out in front of you and up above your head.

Step 4 Throw in front of you Throw the yo-yo directly in front of you to form another loop when the yo-yo returns.

Step 5 Throw downward Throw the yo-yo downward as it returns again to create the last loop.

Step 6 Grab yo-yo Catch the yo-yo as it returns after completing the third loop.

Step 7 Practice Practice and perform in front of your favorite audience.