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How to Start Seeds with Eggshells

Starting seeds in eggshells is easy to do and, because eggshells are biodegradable, you can transplant them directly into the ground.

You will need

  • A knife
  • Eggs
  • A pin or needle
  • An egg carton
  • A small spoon
  • Potting soil
  • Seeds
  • A spray bottle
  • Sunlight
  • Scissors (optional)

Step 1 Use knife Use the tip of a knife to chip off the top of an egg. Discard the egg or cook it.

Step 2 Pierce egg Gently rinse the shell. Use a pin or a needle to pierce the bottom of the shell creating a drainage hole.

Step 3 Place in carton Place the eggshell in an egg carton. Use a small spoon to fill the eggshell with potting soil.

Step 4 Drop seeds Plant two or three seeds in the dirt. Follow the directions on the seed package for proper planting depth.

Step 5 Water Water the plant by removing the shell from the carton and using a spray bottle to mist it.

Step 6 Watch grow Place the egg carton by a sunny window and watch it grow.