How to Make an E-mail Address

E-mail is a fast, easy, and cheap way to keep in touch with the important people in your life, but you need an address to send and receive mail.

You will need

  • Internet access

Step 1 Go to site Go to the provider you want your e-mail account to be with, such as MSN or Yahoo or Gmail. Find the “Sign Up” link and click on it.

Step 2 Fill in personal info Fill in any personal information that the site requires.

Step 3 Choose your ID Choose your user ID. This is the name or tag that comes before the “at” symbol in your e-mail address and can be your name, nickname, or anything you make up as long as it uses only the permitted characters.

Step 4 Click check Click the Check button to see if the user ID you want has already been taken by someone else.

Step 5 Create a password Create a password for your e-mail account. Make it something easy for you to remember, but difficult for someone else to guess.

Step 6 Finish registration Finish your registration. Sometimes this includes creating or answering a security question, accepting the e-mail provider’s service agreement, or proving you are actually human by entering a special set of characters.

Step 7 E-mail your friends Now that you have an e-mail address, get busy using the internet to send messages to all your loved ones and friends.