How to Use UTorrent

You can download music, videos, or any number of files you might need on your computer by using uTorrent.


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You Will Need

  • Internet access
  • Patience


  1. Step 1

    Download and install

    Download and install uTorrent from the official website,

  2. Step 2

    Open uTorrent

    Open uTorrent and keep it open.

  3. Step 3

    Find a torrent site

    Find a torrent site online where you can download torrents. Torrents are the files that uTorrent will use to download the media you want.

  4. You can search in the search box on uTorrent for music or videos, but there are many sites you can use to search and download torrents.

  5. Step 4

    Open in uTorrent

    Open the file in uTorrent once it is finished downloading. You can do this by dragging the file from its location to the program.

  6. You can also open the file in uTorrent usually by double-clicking on the file as long as it is recognized by uTorrent as compatible file.

  7. Step 5

    Start download

    Start your download by clicking ok in uTorrent's pop-up window. If your file stops or has an error, right click on the file in the download window for options regarding restarting your download or deleting it.

  8. Step 6

    Wait for download

    Wait for your download, large files take time. Be patient. When the download is finished, open the file and enjoy!

  9. Bram Cohen invented torrent technology in 2001.