How to Answer the Question "Tell Me About Yourself"

Job interviews can be intimidating, and open-ended questions like "Tell me about yourself" make it even scarier. Give an answer that will impress your interviewers and set your interview off on the right foot.

You will need

  • Job description
  • Resume

Step 1 Find keywords in the job description Carefully read over the job description and make note of important keywords that will help you learn more about what the employers are looking for. Keep these words in mind as you think about your response to the question “Tell me about yourself.”

Step 2 List professional strengths Prepare for this question in advance of the interview. Review your resume, and make a list of at five or six words that define your professional strengths.

Step 3 Think of a professional success Think of a professional success you have had, where you helped solve a problem or added value to a former employer’s project.

Step 4 Write a 30-second response to the question Write out a 30-second response to the question “Tell me about yourself” that combines your professional strengths and discusses a past professional success.

Step 5 Focus on positives and professional experiences Focus your response on positive professional experiences. Don’t talk about personal information like marriage, children, or pets.

Step 6 Practice your response Practice your response until you can remember the main points. Focus on sounding natural and conversational.

Step 7 Answer concisely and truthfully Arrive at the interview prepared, giving an answer that is concise and truthful when the interviewers ask you to tell them about yourself. Let your professional strengths shine, and set the stage for a successful interview — and maybe a new job!