How to Form a Neighborhood Co-Op

Get neighborly with your community and form a neighborhood co-op to help each other meet your common needs.

You will need

  • Participating neighbors
  • Gardening skills
  • Cooking skills
  • Household equipment
  • Freezer (optional)

Step 1 Start babysitting co-op Start a babysitting co-op. Take turns watching each others children without pay and let one another enjoy a night out with their significant others.

Step 2 Start a produce co-op Start a produce co-op. Have different neighbors grow different fruits, vegetables, and flowers, and share the harvest with each other.

Step 3 Start a dinner co-op Start a dinner co-op. Take turns cooking dinner with your neighbors. You will each get a day off from cooking and get a chance to taste a variety of home cooked meals.

Step 4 Start a household equipment co-op Start a household equipment co-op. Share everything from lawnmowers to snowmobiles with your neighbors. One neighbor can supply the equipment, another can supply the gas, and a third can supply the labor.

Step 5 Enjoy your new community Enjoy your new community and all of the conveniences it affords.