How to Buy a Dirt Bike

The next best thing to riding a motorcycle, dirt bikes offer the thrill of off-road racing for kids and adults. Use these smart buying tips to get zooming around in no time.


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You Will Need

  • Right-size bike
  • Right-size engine
  • Research
  • Internet access
  • Test drive (optional)


  1. Always wear protective clothing, including a helmet.

  2. Step 1

    Get the correct size

    Get the correct size bike, which is especially important for children. Make sure to have whoever will ride the bike sit on the dirt bike to ensure the handlebars are easily reached, the steering is comfortable, and the bike feels comfortable.

  3. Test ride the bike whenever possible.

  4. Step 2

    Consider engine size

    Consider the engine size or power of the dirt bike. A two-stroke engine, recommended for beginners, is lighter and easier to handle. A four-stroke engine is more fuel-efficient and will last longer.

  5. Step 3

    Decide power

    Decide the level of engine power you need. The maximum power for a dirt bike engine is about 600 ccs, so beginners should stick to engines with between 200 and 300 ccs.

  6. Make sure the bike has quality shocks and suspension.

  7. Step 4


    Research the model you're considering and read professional and customer reviews in magazines or online.

  8. Step 5

    Consider buying used

    Consider buying a used bike Make sure the bike was purchased new so that you'll be the second owner, and find out how often the bike was used and if the bike was regularly maintained. Happy trails.

  9. According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, about 25 million Americans rode a motorcycle in 2008.