How to Turn Her On with Sensual Massage

Instead of giving her a massage that makes her fall asleep, turn her on with one that sexually excites both of you.


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You Will Need

  • Perfect spot
  • Sexy music
  • Candles
  • Massage oil
  • Hot water
  • Basic massage skills


  1. Never perform a full body massage on a pregnant woman.

  2. Step 1

    Set the scene

    Set the scene for her full body sensual massage by finding just the right spot and putting sexy music on the sound system.

  3. Step 2

    Warm things up

    Light some candles and warm a bottle of massage oil in a bowl of hot water. Make sure your hands are warm, too!

  4. Step 3

    Begin the massage

    Invite her to lie face down. Straddle her, rub a few drops of oil between your hands, and begin massaging her shoulders. Use the flat of your hand, fingers pressed together, to give even strokes.

  5. If her shoulders are tight, loosen them by rubbing them with one of your elbows.

  6. Step 4

    Move back down

    Move down to her feet, giving each one a good rub before working back up her legs to her thighs.

  7. Lightly trace a triangle on each inner thigh, from a few inches below her pubic bone to the inside of her knee. This is an erogenous zone.

  8. Step 5

    Stroke her bottom

    Stroke her butt, using your thumb to gently massage the sacrum, the area just above the crease of her buttocks -- a spot that will really turn her on.

  9. Step 6

    Turn her over

    Turn her over, pour a few drops of oil on her stomach, and gently stroke her belly, moving up toward her breasts.

  10. Step 7

    Give her a happy ending

    Now that you've turned her on, give her a happy ending. With any luck, she'll return the favor.

  11. Massage soothes people by lowering levels of the stress hormone cortisol.