How to Play an A Flat / G Sharp Minor Barre Chord on Guitar

New to guitar playing? Learn how to play an A Flat / G Sharp Minor barre chord in this guitar lesson from Howcast. The step-by-step instructions make it easy.


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"We've come to G sharp minor, or A flat minor, same chord. We're gonna take an E shape, an E minor shape to be exact. And we're gonna move that to the 4th fret. That's where G sharp is, or A flat. And I'm gonna barre there, and I'm gonna have my minor chord here, my minor shape. And there you go, there's G sharp or A flat minor. And then of course I can do the A style of that. So I'm taking an A minor shape, twisting it around so I have my first finger free. And this time I have to go all the way to the 11th fret. That's where G sharp is. So I have G sharp, or the 11th fret barred, and I have an A minor chord. So it turns it into G sharp minor or A flat minor. "


  • Ivan Max

    Ivan Max has been teaching and performing in the Montclair, NJ area for 20 years. He has a fun and no-pressure kind of attitude towards teaching guitar. He teaches as a friend would teach, starting with chords and strumming so that the student can play from the first day and then slipping in knowledge and more complex ideas as the student progresses. Ivan performs in the tri-state area and is involved in various groups from singer-songwriters to Brazilian jazz to Flamenco.