How to Grow out Your Hair

Treating your hair right is essential if you want to put length on your style quickly.

You will need

  • Patience
  • Regular trims
  • Well-balanced diet
  • Desire for long hair
  • Gentle shampoos and conditioners (optional)

Step 1 Get regular cuts Get regular cuts to keep the hair healthy. Be sure to start with a cut before even beginning the growing process. It is necessary to remove all damaged hair.

Step 2 Eat well Eat well. Make sure your diet stays nutritious so that your tresses can get what they need to naturally be strong.

Step 3 Be gentle Be gentle with your hair. Things like blow-dryers, straighteners, and curling irons should be avoided if at all possible.

Step 4 Don't pull hair Don’t pull hair back into styles that stress the roots or ends. Avoid tight coils or small braids.

Step 5 Let it get dirty Let your hair get a little dirty. You don’t have to wash it everyday and in fact, you shouldn’t. Follow these tips and you’ll have long flowing locks faster than you ever thought possible.