How to Become a Professional Cake Decorator

Wish you could decorate cakes for a living? Let our professional pastry chef tell you how to break into the cake decorating business in this video.


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Sure, your homemade cakes are delicious, but do they look as good as they taste? In these videos, pastry chef Amanda Oakleaf demonstrates how to put finishing touches on cakes that make them look like they came straight from the bakery. She'll teach you how to airbrush a cake; cover it with fondant; make sugar flowers; create a baby figurine cake topper; make a fondant ribbon and bow; and much more. The step-by-step instructions make them easy to master.



Hi, my name is Amanda Oakleaf. I am owner, head baker, decorator of Amanda Oakleaf Cakes in Winthrop, Massachusetts where we do custom cakes of all kinds -- wedding cakes, birthday cakes, sculpted cakes. Anything you can think of we can make it into a cake. And today I will be talking to you about cake decorating. And today I will be talking to you about cake decorating. I actually grew up baking with my mom and both of my grandmothers. We did baking and we did desserts, cookies, pies, cakes. I don't remember ever having store a bought cake for anyones birthday. We always made it a big deal to design everybody's cake special for their birthday. So I grew up doing it so I was very familiar with it. I didn't feel like I had to learn it very well. And then I went to college. I went to the College of Massachusetts college of Art and Design where I majored in painting took a lot of classes in ceramics. So I got both aspects, 2D decorating and designing as well as three dimensional structure related training. And then while I was in college I had a part time job. A couple of them, one as a cake decorator making ice cream cakes, and another one as a gift basket designer and party planning. So after I graduated I kind of combined all three: growing up baking, art degree, and part time jobs into one and said, "I can do this on my own!"


  • Amanda Oakleaf

    Amanda is the owner of Oakleaf Cakes in Boston, Massachusetts, which she founded in 2008. Amanda was a competitor on the Food Network Cake Challenge and her work can be seen in many magazines and publications across the country. Having been formally trained as an oil painter at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Amanda approaches cake creation like any other art form -- except, of course, that her artworks are delicious.