How to Crochet a Baby Blanket

Learn how to crochet a baby blanket from Lion Brand Yarn's Andrea Lemire in this Howcast video.


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Wish someone had taught you how to crochet? It's not too late! In these videos, Andrea Lemire of Lion Brand Yarn Studio shows you how to do a chain crochet stitch, a half double stitch, and a slip stitch; how to crochet a baby blanket, a baby hat, a bag, a beanie, a scarf, an afghan, and a flower; how to join motifs or make seams; how to join a new ball of yarn or color; how to tie a slip knot; and much more. You'll be knocking out baby booties in no time.



Hey, I'm Andrea Lemire, the education coordinator here at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio. I'm going to show you some really cool techniques for beginning crochet, and hopefully, you'll have as much fun as I have with it. Okay, lets get started. So, let me show you how you would crochet a baby blanket. So here, I have a few different constructions for baby blankets. The first one I want to show you is going to be your most basic. And what you're going to do is make blocks. And each block is simply a square, where you start with that beginning chain. You choose the stitch you want to work in. Either the single crochet, half double, double, or treble. You work your rows back and forth, turning between each. And then you fasten off when the block is as wide as you need it to be, and as long. And then they are seamed together to make a baby blanket. And this is going to be a great way to practice your basic stitches. Another type of a baby blanket stitch that's very common and popular is, what's called a V-stitch. And a V-stitch is putting 2 double crochet stitches into the same space. So just like your increase, except you put 1 chain in between each double crochet, so it makes a little V shape. And that just makes a nice open lacy look. But in this blanket, you're simply combining that beginning chain, the double crochet stitch, chains, and turning your rows, and that's it. So it's a really interesting way to combine those basic techniques. It does something that looks really beautiful and special. And this baby blanket or child's blanket is another great example of how you can combine those techniques, as well. So this is a ripple throw. And, in this one, the ripples formed by combining your increasing and your decreasing. So your decreasing happens at the bottom of the ripple, so where it dips. And the increasing happens at the top of the ripple. And so this blanket also just combines your beginning chain, working rows in your double crochet stitch. And, it's a great way to practice that increasing and decreasing as well. So baby's blankets or child's blankets are definitely smaller than adult blankets. And you have your choice of a couple different sizes. There's a size that's great.If you really need to finish that project fast, it's the smallest one. And it's just a blanket, big enough, about 15 by 20 inches, to cover a stroller. Or, like a little baby lap blanket. So that's your great choice for that project that needs to get done for your best friend's baby shower that you just found out about. So a great size for a baby blanket that's going to be a little bit larger, like, for a crib, is about 30" by 30", or even a little bit bigger, 36" by 36". And these patterns, the child's Chevron throw. The pink V-stitch baby throw, and the state fair afghan, are all available for free on So definitely check them out.


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