How to Crochet a Baby Hat

Learn how to crochet a baby hat from Lion Brand Yarn's Andrea Lemire in this Howcast video.


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Wish someone had taught you how to crochet? It's not too late! In these videos, Andrea Lemire of Lion Brand Yarn Studio shows you how to do a chain crochet stitch, a half double stitch, and a slip stitch; how to crochet a baby blanket, a baby hat, a bag, a beanie, a scarf, an afghan, and a flower; how to join motifs or make seams; how to join a new ball of yarn or color; how to tie a slip knot; and much more. You'll be knocking out baby booties in no time.



Hey, I'm Andrea Lemire, the education coordinator here at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio. I'm going to show you some really cool techniques for beginning crochet, and hopefully, you'll have as much fun as I have with it. Okay, lets get started. So let's talk about how you crochet a baby hat. So there are two main methods for crocheting a baby hat. The first one is the exact same method you would use to crochet an adult hat, which is what I talk about in the Crocheting a Beanie video. Basically, you start the same way, and you work your increasing rounds to make your circle. You just stop a little sooner than you would for an adult hat, which won't make it as wide, so it'll fit a baby head. And then you start working in your continuous rounds, working one stitch and every stitch, or working even, until it's as long as you want it to be. And you would wanna stop a little sooner than you would for an adult hat, just so it doesn't cover the baby's eyes. But this type of baby hat is really great to practice your crochet "rows" method. This is simply a rectangle that is then sewn at the top, after you fold it in half, to make kind of like a square that's joined just on two edges. So that makes this point here. And then what you can do is make a crochet chain, joining a new ball of yarn at these two corners here to make little ties. And so this is great if you're maybe not ready for crocheting in the round yet, and you wanna practice those crocheting in rows. Just pick either a single crochet, half double crochet, double, or triple stitch. Just keep in mind that baby hats or bonnets, you wanna keep pretty warm, so you probably want to go with a tighter stitch like the single crochet or the half double crochet. This baby bonnet is part of the Simple Baby set, which is a free pattern on, so go check it out.


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