How to Get Nails like Nicki Minaj

Learn how to do your nails like Nicki Minaj in this Howcast nail tutorial.


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Why pay nail salon prices when you can create the latest nail designs at home? In these videos, nail artist Simcha Whitehill, aka Miss Pop, gives you step-by-step instructions on how to do popular nail art designs -- anchor, camouflage, candy buttons, chevron French manicure, ladybug, leopard print, Mexicali roses, moon and stars, Nicki Minaj nails, palm tree, pizza, bows with polka dots, rage comics, and much more. Learn how to do them on your own nails, then treat a friend to a free manicure.



Shorty I'm only gonna tell you this once, you're the illest. Next up, we're doing Nicki Minaj nails. Ok, so so start out to do her face, I'm going in with a little light brown and just doing a half-moon. This is a basic nail technique. So, now that that part's done, we're gonna go in and give her beehive some fabulosity. Don't worry if there's too much stuff on your brush, actually the more the better, cause it sort of gives her that real, hair-like look, those curls that she has. Ok, now we're gonna do her bangs. She sort of has piece-y bangs, which makes for the perfect brush stroke. I'm going with a little bit of a darker pink, just to give her that hair texture and also because her hive is more than one fabulous shade of pink. If you just push down your brush, it just forms the perfect almond eye shape. Now we're gonna give her a little button nose, which is just basically like an upside-down smile. Or, I guess, an upside down smile is a frown. Teeny tiny block dot eyes, so I'm just gonna use a small motter. And now, for her jumbo eyelashes, do a straight line across the top of the eye, and do a bunch of little spikes of off it. Cause you know she wears those big fabulous eyelashes. I mean, I'm sure they're natural. And now for the lips, I'm gonna use the same color as the light color for her hair. First, I'm gonna do two little dots for the top, then go in and give her a bottom lip with a smile. And now, you're working some Nicki Minaj nails!


  • Miss Pop

    Hi! I’m Simcha Whitehill aka “Miss Pop," a Manhattan-based writer and nail artist. Just like a stereotypical New Yorker, I talk with my hands -- so you know my nails have to be as fly as my lexicon! I do up digits using nail polish to hand paint on my designs. I use a natural nail canvas because I'm all about taking what my mama gave me to the max!