2 DIN Car Radio Buying Tips

Learn a few buying tips on purchasing a 2 DIN car radio in this Howcast car stereo video with expert Movin' On.


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Hi my name is Movin On, and I've been working in the field of car audio and mobile electronics for 8 over years. I've installed everything from navigation systems to full car stereo systems, remote starters, alarms, and beyond. To learn more, visit our web site at www.movinon.com. Recently doubled in car stereo have grown tremendously in popularity. There are 2 different car stereo size that you can get mainly. There is din which is the slandered size and then there is the double din. Double din is becoming a norm for people who are looking to give a big upgrade to their car stereo. If you are lucky enough to have a car that can accommodate one of these, it's a great option, because they have big touch screens and have navigation, digital media control and all sorts of other features like smartphone integration. You have options like navigation, blue tooth, Your entire phone book right in your dashboard, apps, Pandora control and all the songs in your iPod right on screen of your car stereo. Most of these units comes with a connect for an iPod, a thumb drive, an SD card , and even play mp3 CD that can support windows media and mp3 files. if you are lucky enough to have a car that can accommodate these units, one of the good things is that it's not going to look ugly in your dash. It's going to fill in that big spot no problem, and you are not going to have a small pocket or some kind of plastic filler just filling the extra space. Often times this screen is motorized and flips completely out of the way to reveal a CD slot, even a DVD slot for the map. A lot of newer units have all the maps and all built into it, so you don't have to worry about map DVD and upgrading software. You can just download up there right from the manufacture's website.



    MOVIN' ON Sounds & Security, Inc. in Franklin Square, New York is a premier specialty mobile electronics dealer. MOVIN' ON has been servicing the automotive industry for more than a decade. Founded by two brothers and boasting a staff of more than 40 professionals today, MOVIN' ON features a 14-car service center and mobile units that service many new-car dealerships.