How to Plan the Perfect Wedding Entrance

Learn how to plan the perfect wedding entrance from celebrity wedding planner Barbara Esses in this Howcast video.


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Wish you could afford to hire a wedding planner? These videos are the next best thing. In them, celebrity wedding planners Barbara Esses and Ruthie Hecht share their secrets for planning the perfect wedding, from choosing wedding invitations, the wedding dress, and other wedding attire to planning the wedding ceremony and reception. There's also advice on different wedding styles and lots of wedding etiquette tips. Don't get married without them!




My name is Barbara Esses and I do events for a living. I'm Ruthie Hecht; I'm an event planner and I work with and for my mother. We're going to teach you the do's and don'ts for the perfect wedding. A lot of brides and grooms today want to come in the room and make a smash, obviously that can be done by playing rocky, meet the Mets or any song that's of great significance to the bride and groom. And can be played in a very, very powerful way as a major introduction as if Mohamed Ali were coming into the boxing ring. However if you want to do something outrageous and you want to do something choreographed, it should be practiced, it should be rehearsed and it should be done in the most, most professional manner because otherwise it can be a big flop and that's not how you want to start your wedding. It really is enough to be beautiful because your just married come in to the room and do a great dance. If you can practice it and your band will cooperate, then by all mean choreograph and have fun.


  • Barbara Esses

    Barbara Esses has been New York's top wedding planner for over 30 years. Barbara is known for her elegant, high-class affairs; she always seeks to create events that fit her clients' vision. Her clients are primarily in New York and the tri-state area.