How to Add a Door & Windows to a Princess Castle Cake

Planning your child's birthday party? You don't have to spend a fortune on a cake to make it memorable. In this video, part 9 of an 11-part series, you'll learn how to add a door and windows to a princess castle cake.


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Planning your child's birthday party? You don't have to spend a fortune on a cake to make it memorable. These videos provide the step-by-step baking and decorating instructions for creating a baseball cap cake, a ladybug cake, a princess castle cake, a purse cake, and a soccer ball cake. We promise it will be a birthday cake they'll never forget.




"We're already to decorate our cake now and we have everything ready. What we're going to do is just try to place everything exactly where we want it - so your door you're just going to pick wherever you want the front of the cake to be. You're just going to find the center of the cake, and then you're just going to press it right in. I have these two windows. Now I'm just going to place them right here on both sides. Alright. Now these pieces, we want to use them to add to the fours sides of our cake, if you want, you can add a little icing. There are two little windows on here as well - so you want to try to keep that to the front - so you can place some icing along the side, and that's just going to help it stick to the side of our cake. We'll do all four sides. Alright. Now that we've gotten that done, I've already pre-iced this portion, that's what we're going to use to set to the top of our cake. You can just press that into the top of your cake a little bit, and then we're going to take our little toppers. You can add some icing just to the bottom of it, just so that it kind of helps it to stick. Stick it in place, and we'll just put those down there. And we'll do that on all four sides. Alright. Now that that is done, we're going to go ahead and add some grass and finish up our castle cake. "


  • Etwin Gordon

    Etwin Gordon holds an AOS in Culinary Management and a Certificate in Pastry Arts from The Art Institute of New York City. She began her custom cake business Essential Cakes after receiving rave reviews of her signature red velvet cake from friends and co-workers. Etwin bakes custom cakes for all occasions and offers over 15 flavors.