How to Paint an Arabian Crown with Face Paint

Learn how to paint an Arabian crown from face painting expert Emma Sadler in this Howcast video.


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"How to Do Face Painting: Arabian Crown So now we're going to learn how to do a very simple princess crown and we're going to start with the jewel on her head. I'm just going to take a little black for shading, just around one side. Then the fun part of adding the crown piece. And you're going to start with one dot at the top and you're going to do smaller dots around to enclose the jewel. And also what you're going to do which adds a lot of dimension is a little star burst if you just do little flicks. And then for the crown piece you can either do just varying size of dots or you can mix it up with some dots and swirls. You can add a little bit of eye shadow. Girls love this. Close your eyes. And that's why you want two different shades so you can add a lighter shade on the eyes. Cause you don't want too dark of a color. And take your white again and just do some teardrops right in the corner of the eye. Add some dots. And of course glitter. Definitely want glitter on, especially on the gem. And of course you can add lipstick or not add lipstick but we're not going to add it because she looks very pretty already. And that's how to make a simple princess crown."


  • Emma Sadler

    Emma has been drawing and painting since birth. Within the past few years she has found a passion for "live art" and has found great joy in face painting and balloon twisting. She attended college at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). When she is not at a gig she is usually practicing new faces/balloons, tweaking old ones, or out having a coffee as she updates her site and checks emails.