How to Paint a Fairy with Face Paint

Learn how to paint a fairy face from face painting expert Emma Sadler in this Howcast video.


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Now I'll teach you how to do a Fairy'. For this you're going to want two colors. Close your eyes for me. Above and in-between. Now you're going to take quite a wide brush and stick it into your white. I'm going to make very big tear drops. So I'll do some smaller tear drops in the corner, some star bursts and some dots. And then you can add a jewel and some glitter. So, this is how to do a fairy.


  • Emma Sadler

    Emma has been drawing and painting since birth. Within the past few years she has found a passion for "live art" and has found great joy in face painting and balloon twisting. She attended college at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). When she is not at a gig she is usually practicing new faces/balloons, tweaking old ones, or out having a coffee as she updates her site and checks emails.