How to Beatbox & Sing at the Same Time

Learn how to beatbox while singing in this Howcast video with Beatboxer Entertainment.


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For me, I've been beat-boxing and singing and using words sense around the '90s, sense when I came up. I was doing it before that but I always did it in the shower. And um, I did this piece called the "Miserable Day" that I was performing all around New York City. And uh, it was like [Beat-boxing] "It's cold outside. So very cold outside. So cold it's graying. It's a miserable day.It's a miserable day." So I would do this type of stuff, you know, and um, you know uh, a little bit later you know, um, came uh, Lil' Rahzel. He did, he did "If your Mother Only Knew". You know like [Beat-boxing] "If your mother only knew. If your mother only knew" He would do some of that. Even bring it up higher. You know I'm not trying to do him. The idea of using beat-boxing and words, you know, and singing, if you could do [Beat-boxing]"A one, two, a ,one two. I like to introduce myself. I like to introduce myself." You know, if you can do that then going with singing is no problem at all and how you do it is like, like just be simple with it. For me it's like really being simple with it you know, and like, like [Beat-boxing] "I want to flow, want to rhyme, each and every time. Then I add another sound. The another sound. Then I go all in. Can't you see."


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