How to Dubstep Beatbox

Learn how to dubstep beatbox in this Howcast video with expert Beatboxer Entertainment.


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So if you want to beatbox dubstep, you got to perfect the base, which is the main concept of dubstep because it's the reason why people like dubstep because of the base of what people call the drop. So you want to do beats that sound a little something like this. Your spacing the first kick and the snare so that you have space to fill in between with high halves or the bases. So you have Now you add the high halves and stuff or the base. Now if you add the base So if you listen to the base and if you listen to the actual kick and snare, you can tell that the kick and snare are slow in between each other but you're hearing the base in between. So that's where you get the wabbles from and that where you get the high halves fill ins. So So you can listen to the different speed of the actual drums and the base. But you want to master the base so that you could do that. So you got to make sure that when you do the throw base, which is you want to sort of like shake your through. Like, lets say for example you say the letter ‘ah', you want to say like "ahhhhhhh," but then you want to shake your through and go like, "ahhhhhhhhhh". So that's coming from you throat, you're vocalizing it, so if I hit my throat like, "ahhhhhhhhhohhhhhhhhhh", you can tell that it's coming from the throat. And you can say words like "mama" if you're doing the high pitch, "mama, mama, mama" or you can say, "Wa". You can change the pitches, you want to have a low pitch or a high pitch. So you want to remember that you have to learn how to do the base and you have to control it so that you have the high pitch or the low pitch, whatever you want to do. It's easier to do the low pitch first, and that's one base you can do to do dubstep.


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