How to Deal with Bullying in Middle School

Learn how to deal with middle school bullying from expert Alexis in this Howcast video.


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Middle school can be tough! Let relationship expert Alexis help you not only survive it but thrive with the advice in these Howcast videos. Alexis will share secrets on how to ace your first day at school; deal with bullies; handle crushes; invite someone to a dance; rise above gossip and rumors; get into cheerleading or on sports teams; handle peer pressure; and much more. In short, Alexis will show you how to be happy and popular in middle school.



If you're being bullied, it's not your fault and you're not alone. There is no justifiable reason for someone to bully you. And that includes mean text messages, mean tweets, posts on Facebook, email, any of that. Please tell someone. Find an adult that you trust: a parent, a teacher, a coach, a guidance counselor. Adults are the ones that have the power to stop this. Don't think that you have to handle it by yourself or keep it a secret. It's really important to remember that a lot of bullying comes from fear, and ignorance, and insecurities, and is nothing to do with you as a person. Don't think that you've done something wrong or that, for some reason, you deserve to be treated like that. If you see someone getting bullied, report it to your teacher. It doesn't make you a tattle-tale, but it's really important that somebody else knows what's going on. Nobody should have to be afraid to go to school, because they're worried about what someone is going to say or do to them.


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    Looking back on my time in middle school, I remember so many great moments. But, at the time, I often felt sad, insecure and confused. I now realize I didn't have to feel that way! More confidence and a better understanding of how to handle friends, crushes, teachers and everything that was going on inside me would have made all the difference. That's why I'm so happy to share what I've learned from my own mistakes and successes with You. My tips for Middle School Survival can turn anyone - You! - into a smart, savvy, success.