How to Do a Neck Catch Basketball Trick

Learn how to do a neck catch basketball trick from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


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Speaker 1: Broadway. Speaker 2: Yo. Speaker 1: Now I've heard of all your different tricks that you guys do, the Harlem Wizards. I'm trying to get myself on the right track. What's up? Speaker 2: Tricks. What comes before tricks? Speaker 1: Fundamentals, that's right. Speaker 2: All right. Speaker 1: You keep telling me make sure I work on my fundamentals. Speaker 2: Right. Speaker 1: I'm working on that stuff, but I want to learn how they do this thing they call the "Net Catch." Speaker 2: It's fun. Speaker 1: Remember that? Yeah. Speaker 2: Yeah, the Net Catch. Speaker 1: Do you know how to do that? Speaker 2: Yeah. Speaker 1: Please man, teach me, teach me, teach me. Speaker 2: Well listen. Speaker 1: What? Speaker 2: We've got to get the expert in here. Speaker 1: Oh, the expert. Speaker 2: King Arthur. Speaker 1: The expert. Hey, that's a million dollar smile buddy. Speaker 2: This is what we're going to do. Speaker 1: What we going to do? Speaker 2: We going to break it down. Speaker 1: Okay. Break it down. Speaker 2: We're going to be broke. Speaker 1: Uh-huh. Don't break it, don't break it, just shake it, just shake it. Okay, okay. This . . . Speaker 2: All right. You want to do the net catch. Speaker 1: Show me what you got. Speaker 2: Well King Arthur's going to get a good bounce in there first. Speaker 1: First you want to work on the bounce. All right. Speaker 2: You don't want the bounce to be way up there. Speaker 1: Okay. Speaker 2: Because the ball, the higher it goes, the harder it comes down. Speaker 1: Nice, nice. Speaker 2: You want to keep that ball right at that level, right a little bit, depending on how tall you are. Speaker 1: Right, right, right. Speaker 2: A little bit above your head. Speaker 1: Whoa. Speaker 2: King Arthur gets a good bounce first. "Bam." Speaker 1: Okay. Speaker 2: And then he's going to drop right below the ball . . . Speaker 1: Right. Speaker 2: . . . as the ball is right around his face level. Speaker 1: Let's see what he's got. Whoa. Speaker 2: Notice he adjusted to the basketball. Speaker 1: Wow. Speaker 2: As it moves from right to left, because he's an expert, he understands that the ball is not going to control him. He controls the ball. Speaker 1: Oh, controlling the ball. Speaker 2: He's got a good base, feet are shoulder width apart. He gets a good knee bend, bends over, catches it right on the net. He can do it many times. Speaker 1: Whoa. That ball just sits up there. It's like a pocket, man. Can you throw it back up from there? Man 3: Yep. Speaker 1: Into the pocket man, whoa. It's like it's home there or something. Speaker 2: Yeah, it's ET. Speaker 1: It's ET? Speaker 2: Yeah. Speaker 1: Phone home. Speaker 2: Exactly. Speaker 1: Phone home! Speaker 2: Yeah, that's Wheezy though. Speaker 1: Phone home! Speaker 2: Wheezy, yeah, Wheezy, I like Wheezy. Speaker 1: You and Wheezy have a baby? Speaker 2: Yeah, I like him. Speaker 1: What do you say to the baby? Speaker 2: Yeah, I like him, Wheezy. What's that? Speaker 1: That's an officer song. You got to listen to Hot 97 more. Speaker 2: Okay, I'm sorry. There you have it, you have the net catch with King Arthur. Bounce that ball a little above your head, right when it gets right around your face, do a good knee bend, go up catch it right there on the back. Speaker 1: In the pocket. Speaker 2: Good job baby.


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