How to Become a Good Power Forward in Basketball

Learn how to become a good power forward from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


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Ray: Alright Swoop. Swoop: Yeah, I need some help bro, Ray. Now, I want to become a better power forward. I'm pretty tall. Alright, and I'm just lacking some of the things I need to become a better power forward. Can you help me out? Ray: You need power Swoop: What? Look at this muscle right here son. You see that right here? Ray: You sure that's not like a nervous twitch? Swoop: No man! It's honest work! I was just, that's like 17 push-ups a week. Ray: That's involuntarily muscle movement. Alright Swoop, I'm going to show you how to become a better power forward. We brought in Ray and Swoop: The expert. Swoop: Yes Ray: DP, this is power right here. Swoop: Oh OK. Ray: This is six foot six inches of pure power. Swoop: Wow. Ray: First thing about the power forward position is that you gotta be able to rebound the basketball. Swoop: Rebounding! That's important. Ray: How do you go to rebound it? Like this? Swoop: No, no, no, no ,no Ray: You want to rebound the ball with two hands. Swoop: Nice Ray: And you want to do what's called chinning' it. Swoop: Chinning' it. Ray: So you keep the basketball close to your chin as the defense tries to smack it out. They won’t be able to get it, Swoop: Good Work Ray: because you got that ball close, tucked in. Swoop: OK so I'm going to get strong. Get Strong! Ray: Now on the offensive end, you want to post up. Swoop: Post up! Ray: Get a good base on the post up. Swoop: Right! Ray: Show your hands and where you want the ball! Swoop: Very Strong! Ray: Yeah, now the guy on offense knows where to throw it and then you can operate! Swoop: Nice! Ray: You know about operating' right? Swoop: Operating'! Yeah, I, I think I can! Ray: You a smooth operator! Swoop: No, I have the game operation! Out there, buzz, I got it wrong! Gets me every time! You funny doe! It's right there, it's right there! Ray: It's right there! So that's the, that's how you become a better power forward on the offensive and on the defensive end. You wanna show a good post presence with good balance on the offensive end and on the defensive end you wanna make sure your first thing is you become a good rebounder, grabbing the ball with 2 hands and being able to start that fast break and getting it to a guard.


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