How to Play Basketball like Michael Jordan

Learn how to play like Michael Jordan from the Harlem Wizards in this Howcast basketball video.


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Want to display some amazing moves on the basketball court? Who better to teach you than the Harlem Wizards? In these 85 Howcast videos, the Wizards show you every basketball move, drill, and trick they know. They even demonstrate how to play like Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Kobe Bryant.




Speaker 1: Broadway? Broadway: Oh, man. Speaker 1: I hear it all the time, man. Kids ask me, they say, "Hey, man. I want to play just like Michael Jordan." So I had an answer for them. Broadway: What's the answer? Speaker 1: I told them, "You know what? Just go out there and stick your tongue out like this. Alright?" "Then you'll be like Michael." Right? Broadway: No, man. Michael's the G.O.A.T. Speaker 1: He is, man. He is the - Broadway: Greatest Of All Time. Speaker 1: Greatest Of All Time. I like it. Yes, sir. Broadway: But, let's just say we can teach the people how Michael Jordan plays. Speaker 1: Right. Broadway: Teach them some of his moves and maybe they can pattern their game after him. There's only one Michael. Speaker 1: There sure is. Broadway: There's only one greatest. Speaker 1: Lots of work in the gym. Broadway: So, you know, I don't want to be confused with saying, "I'm as good as Michael." Speaker 1: No, no, no, no. Broadway: But, we're going to teach them the way Michael plays. Speaker 1: OK. Sounds good. Broadway: So we'll take two of Michael's signature moves - Speaker 1: OK. Broadway: Break them down. Speaker 1: Alright. Broadway: And show the kids how to practice - Speaker 1: OK. I'll be Craig Ehlo. Broadway: Being like Mike. Speaker 1: And you'll be Michael Jordan. Broadway: Oh! You know what? That's good. Speaker 1: Now, Broadway, you told me that tongue is not the only thing I need to do. I need to get in the gym, I need to work hard and I got to perfect my game if I even want to come close to playing like the greatest of all time. Broadway: Yep. Speaker 1: Correct? Now, one of Michael Jordan's favorite moves was the fadeaway. Right? Broadway: Signature. Speaker 1: Now, Broadway right here, he's going to show us how that fadeaway works. Very, very effective move . . . Broadway: First, Mike- Speaker 1: Helping you to get away from a defender. Broadway: First, Mike's in the post. Got a feel for the defense and Mike used to do it like this right here. Speaker 1: Oh, yeah. Do it like that. Right? Right? Broadway: You see that? Where's the defense at? Then, Mike goes into a fake . . . Speaker 1: Right. Broadway: .And then he goes into a shot. Speaker 1: OK. Broadway: So here's the fake - Speaker 1: Oh, whoa. Broadway: Turn and then the shot. Speaker 1: Oh. Like that. Broadway: Mike gets such great elevation. Speaker 1: Right. Broadway: Hard to defend the shot. Speaker 1: Yes. Broadway: But, this is what it looks like. Speaker 1: Nice. Nice. Good fadeaway right there. And no great Michael Jordan's without a great Michael Jordan celebration. You got a good celebration for Michael? [laughs] That's what I'm talking about. That is how you play like the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan. Broadway: What about the tongue?


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