How to Cook Grilled Rosemary Lemon Chicken

Place coals on one side of grill. Close lid. When temp. reaches 350 degrees, put chicken on non-coal side of grill. Keep an eye on the grill and make sure it maintains a temperature around 350 degrees. When the chicken reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees (this will occur about 60-75 minutes into the cooking process) remove the chicken from grill and let it rest for 5 minutes before serving.


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Alright, so we are out here with our grill. We have let our rosemary lemon chicken marinate for about 6 hours in the refrigerator and we are ready to put it on our grill. We have our grill going here. We are about 325 degrees first 4-5 minutes we are going to put it over the heat skin side down. So we get a nice crisp skin. We are going to watch it closely. We don't want it to burn. So, in about 5 minutes we will come back here flip these over and put them on an indirect heat. So, move them to this part of the grill. Let them cook for about 45-50 minutes. Come out and temper them, this should be about 165 when they are done. So, may take about 5 or 10 minutes to be on that but these should be done in about an hour, an hour and fifteen minutes. So, we are going to crisp this skin up and then come back out here in about an hour and see if they are ready to eat. We are back into the kitchen, we have just moved our grilled rosemary lemon chicken off the grills. It is a great nontraditional spin on a barbecue chicken. It doesn't have the heavy tomato or the mustard barbecue sauce. It is really light and a refreshing rub that we made out of the rosemary, the garlic, the lemon juice and the olive oil. It's a real great summer dish. It's also a very good big dinner dish. We have a lot of people coming over, it is something that you can make quick within hour and a half and it is really going to knock their socks off. I think this is something you are really going to be excited to add to your chicken rapture. Something a little bit off the wall. Something that is unusual but really tasty. So, give it a try and I think you are going to be really pleased with the way that came out.


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