How to Make Grilled Rosemary Lemonade

RECIPE: Cut 12 lemons in half; cook over grill for about 8 minutes. Make a simple syrup by mixing 1-1/2 cups each of sugar and water in a pot. Add 2 of the grilled lemons that have already been juiced and 3 or 4 fresh rosemary sprigs. Bring to boil and simmer for 10 minutes. Chill in fridge. Pour into pitcher filled with ice; add the juice from the grilled lemons and stir. Add water to taste. Garnish glasses with a sprig of rosemary. Add rum or vodka for a nice cocktail.


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Today, we're going to show you a fun twist on a summer classic, lemonade. How about some grilled rosemary lemonade? This is a really easy recipe and a really tasty spin on the original classic. We've got here, about a dozen lemons that we've cut in half. We're simply going to put these over a direct fire on the charcoal grill. We're going to let these cook for about seven to eight minutes. Let them get nice and caramelized. Might as well grill a few rounds while you're at it, so you can have a nice garnish in each glass. This is going to only take us about seven or eight minutes to do on the grill. And then, we're going to let the lemons cool off a little bit while we're doing that simple syrup. So, we're going to let these guys cook a few minutes and we're going to head inside and start the simple syrup. We've got our lemons off the grill and we're now inside making our simple syrup. It's a simple recipe, just as the name "simple syrup" says. It's one part water, one part sugar. So, we're going to go ahead and turn our stove on. We've got one and a half cups of water and we're going to pour into that, one and a half cups of just white sugar. Get a wooden spoon, stir that up, let the sugar start to break down. And what's going to make this a unique simple syrup, is we're going to take two of the lemons that we grilled. We're going to set the lemon, we've already juiced them. So, this is just going to be the skins. That's going to pick up some of that lemon and some of that grill flavor. And then, we're going to take about three or four nice pieces of rosemary. Kind of break them in half and just stick those in there. You want to bring this up to a boil and then drop it down to a simmer and let it simmer for about ten minutes or so, so all the flavors in the lemon and rosemary can really incorporate. Once you get it into a simmer, about ten minutes, then you're going to pull it off and you're going to strain it because you don't want any of the floating pieces of rosemary in there. And then you're going to let it cool down. Put it in the refrigerator and then, we'll be ready to make some grilled rosemary lemonade. We're just about ready to wrap up the grilled rosemary lemonade and enjoy a nice, quenching, refreshing drink. So, we've poured our simple syrup and a little water into a pitcher with some ice. Because a good lemonade needs to be really ice cold. And then we've juiced our lemons which we've grilled. You can see it kind of has that tannish, charrish look that you get when you're caramelizing those lemons on the grill. We're going to just simply pour this into the pitcher. Get our wooden spoon, give it a nice stir. Make sure you incorporate the lemon juice, the simple syrup, the water that we put in there. Now, the fun thing about these is how you can garnish them. I like to pour a couple of glasses...and one of the fun things about this drink is this is a great drink for kids. Also a great drink for adults. You can make this a cocktail by simply adding some rum or some vodka. Makes a great base for a margarita as well. So, we're going to take a piece of rosemary, stick it in each glass. We're going to take a couple wedges of our grilled lemon. There you have it. A simple, refreshing summer drink puts a new spin on an old classic. And it's a pretty darn good spin. Grilled rosemary lemonade.


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