How to Know If You're Psychic

Learn how to know if you're psychic from renowned psychic Paula Roberts in this Howcast video.


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Envious of people who claim to be psychic? Clairvoyant counsellor and paranormal investigator Paula Roberts is here to tell you how to develop your psychic abilities. In these videos, she'll teach you how to read tarot cards; use a Ouija board; develop clairvoyance and precognition; and much more.



How do you know if you're a psychic? Well, I suppose the very simple answer is you know if you are or not. But let me be a little bit more specific. Now, psychic covers a huge range of abilities. I know because I have very, very long time in this field that knowledge of the future is very, very rare. However, there are many other aspects of being psychic per se. The most common one is, and it startles some people, telepathy. Telepathy is every human's basic ability to communicate. How does that manifest in the modern world? Very, very simply. You think about your best friend and they telephone. And everybody thinks that's quite extraordinary. Or you hear... you think of somebody who you haven't heard from a long time. You get a letter the next day. And that seems to be all very extraordinary. Well, it isn't really. Fits the bond also that mothers and children have. But it is a basic ability. We have put it to one side in the modern world. But hat is the most basic. A lot of people say and I'll come... I'll discuss that point later. A lot of people say... let's take, for example, 9/11. A great many after the fact said, 'Oh I saw something like that.' Or not. Now, I don't know if they did or not because there isn't necessarily documented proof. There is over the ages though, people who only have say, one psychic experience. It tends to be a tragedy, a disaster. A plane crash or something. They get nothing else at all. Another, should we say ability, is sometimes when somebody has... is very, very close to you. A close, close relative and they have passed over. Died. You have not yet heard that news. Some people see that person. They come and shall we say visit them in some form or other. They probably don't speak. They might appear at the end of the bed. Or... people tend not to be as alarmed as one might be about that. And then they learn the next day at that exact moment the person passed away. Now, I'm not saying that is a usual aspect. It happens. So is one psychic or not? I think though as I said, the basic answer is you probably know if your abilities are a little above average or not.


  • Paula Roberts

    Since arriving in NYC in 1978, Paula Roberts, aka "The English Psychic," has successfully built a large, international following for her psychic readings, world predictions and speaking engagements. She has had her abilities since childhood and later developed them at the Spiritualist Assoc. of Great Britain. As a genuine clairvoyant, she provides information about people, events and situations that are personal and meaningful to the client, of which she could have had no prior knowledge. Her ghost hunting work has been documented as significantly above chance. She is also an expert handwriting analyst.