Prenatal Yoga One Arm Up, One Arm Behind Clasp Pose

Learn how to do the one arm up, one arm behind clasp for prenatal yoga from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast workout video.


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I’m going to walk you through the One Arm Up, One Arm Behind Clasp Pose. Vicky’s going to turn around so that you can see what’s going to happen here. She’s going to reach her right arm up and behind her back, and try to take the fingers between the shoulder blades. This first arm is going to allow you to stretch out your triceps. The other arm’s going to reach behind the lower back, and if the fingertips can, they’ll touch and grab hold. This bottom arm is allowing you to stretch out the front of your left shoulder, in this case. From here, you’re just going to breath very gently, lifting the chest, trying not to round forward at all. And then after about 5 to 10 seconds, you just relax the arms, release the clasp. Now, if your hands maybe don’t actually meet behind your back, you’ll take your left arm up and back, and if you notice, Vicky’s hands aren't touching. That’s where a yoga strap or a towel may come in handy. You’ll start with the top hand taking hold of the strap, and the bottom hand will grab hold of whatever is there. Very gently, she’ll use the bottom arm to gently pull down, allowing the top arm to stretch a little bit more. Very nice. And as you can see, she’s walking her hand gently up the strap, maybe getting another inch out of the stretch. And if she wants to, instead, stretch the bottom arm, from here she’s going to hold tight with her top hand and gently lift the hand away, pulling up towards the ceiling, and that’s allowing the bottom arm to stretch out a bit more. Very nice. When you’re ready, you can just relax, and release. Good. And let the arms dangle. Pose is wonderful for your triceps when they get stretched, when they need a stretch. Wonderful for the front of the shoulders when they’re feeling a little tight.


  • Cait Morth

    Cait is a corrective exercise therapist, yoga teacher, and anatomy devotee. She works with people looking to live in their bodies better, whether they are competitive athletes, desk jockeys, or mamas-to-be. She helps you better understand your unique body while finding the space and strength to improve your posture and movement.