How to Do a Simple Step Kid-n-Play Style Dance Move

Learn how to do the simple step kid-n-play style dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast.


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Fitness experts say the best way to stick to an exercise routine is to do something you like. For those of you who like hip-hop and love to boogie, dancer Rachel Warren has created a hip-hop dance workout that will help you slim down and tone up while having fun. Learn all the moves with these videos.




Alright you guys, remember the 'simple step'? If not, here is a review. Today we are going to be learning the 'simple step'--Kid 'N Play style. Just a review of the 'simple step'; it was just walking forwards and back. I want you take 4 steps forward, and 4 steps back, alright? 1-2-3-4, and BACK 2-3-4, FORWARDS. Remember this one? You may have caught this video. It's very simple. It's just a basic step to warm you up to get the cardio going. Now, we are going to it Kid 'N Play style, so we are going to start to funk it up a little bit. You are going to step forward on right, then your left, then your right, and then pick your left foot up and hit. Then back on your left, right, back--and then check this out--touch the floor. OK? If you can't touch the floor, go halfway down. Let's do that again, slow. Right foot. 1-2-3, pick the left foot up, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, TAP, or half way. Okay. One more time; slow. 1-2-3- KICK, 1-2-3-DOWN . Now, I want you to take it up a notch, because the cardio is what you need to get going, so that you are burning calories, so that you are getting your sweat on, and you're not being lazy, right?! Here we go: Starting with the right foot, stepping forward we have: 1-2-3-STEP, BACK 2-3-and DOWN, 1-2-, STEP-BACK 2-, and DOWN, 1-2, STEP-BACK 2-,and DOWN, 1-2-,HIT Last one; hold it here. HOLD. Good! OK? So as we noticed, we only were doing it to the right. OK, so let's take it to the left--slow to start--so that you are even, and you are not just doing it on one side. Step forward with your left foot. Yes? 1-2-3- pick it up, and BACK- 2- 3-, and DOWN, Again, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT- pick it up, and RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, all the way. You can always go halfway if you need to Now we are going to try it up to speed starting with the left foot. Ready, set, go. And 1-2-3-UP, BACK-2-3-DOWN, 1-2-3-UP, BACK-2--One more! 1-2-3-UP, BACK-2-3-HOLD. Okay! Good! So you can take that either side, starting with the right, starting with the left. It's up to you; just take a break in between. Give it a shot! Enjoy!


  • Rachel Warren

    Rachel Warren is a dance and fitness professional. She currently teaches a variety of classes throughout New York City and Brooklyn, independently and with Crunch Fitness.