How to Dance like Michael Jackson in Smooth Criminal, Part 2

Learn how to dance like Michael Jackson to Smooth Criminal from Matt Lopez and DEF-C Crew in this Howcast hip-hop dance video, part two of three.


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Wish you could dance like Chris Brown, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Ester Dean, and Michael Jackson? Or like the hip-hop crews Diversity, Quest Crew, and Jabbawockeez? You can with these dance tutorials led by Def-C Crew, who teach you how to dance like your favorite artists to their most popular tunes.




This is part 2 of Smooth Criminal. We ended the first part here. With lift on 8 and hold 1 clap 2 bring your legs in 3 click your heels out hit 4 5 hit 6 7 hit 8 1 hit 2 and spin on 3 Pick your favorite Michael pose and hit 4. One more time. The key move here is bring your legs in hitting your heels together, flicking them, going back out while simultaneously releasing your chest and popping it back Look at it slowly. We go eight and 1 clap 2 hit 3 and 4 5 hit 6 7 hit 8 1 hit 2 turn 3 pose 4. One more time. We hit 7 and 8 and hit 2 3 hit 4 5 hit 6 7 hit 8 1 hit 2 turn 3 pose 4. That is basically part 2. Lets try it to music.


  • Matt Lopez

    Matt Lopez is a hip-hop, funk and street jazz dance teacher based in New York City and the founder of DEF-C Crew. Lopez is currently teaching open/drop-in classes at Steps On Broadway and Dance New Amsterdam and is available for private lessons and master classes.