How to Do an Upper Chest Cable Crossover

Learn how to do a cable crossover working the upper chest from personal trainer Max Tapper in this home chest workout for men video from Howcast.


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Hi, this is Max Tapper again for Howcast. Now, what we're going to go over today is a cable crossover for your upper chest. You got it? Cool. Now, it's very similar to the regular cable crossover, but the only difference is your weight's going to be coming from a little bit below you and you're going to be pulling right in front of your face. So, you're coming from a little bit below you, right in front of your face. If we take a look at the muscles I'm recruiting by keeping my arms up you'll see that I'm recruiting my upper pec and my shoulder. Okay? This is how we do it. Let's grab hold of these handles. And again, we're making sure that they're coming from a little bit below us. And we're pulling up across the face, cross. Alright, up across the face, cross. Now, you're getting a lot of upper pec as you can see. You're going to get a lot of shoulder especially when you get to this position. Now, if your goal is just to work the bulk of the chest this may not be the one for you, because when you get to the very end position your chest actually relaxes and it goes all into your shoulder. You'll be able to see it here. If you were able to touch me right here you'd see that now this is much softer than it would be if I was doing the flat press coming across the chest. All of these exercises that require you to use the cable press are going to be very dependent on the position of your arms and the position of your resistance. Okay? Let's pull across again. You see the crossover. Slow on the way down. One more time. That is a cable crossover for your upper chest.


  • Maximillan Tapper

    Maximillan Tapper is a certified personal trainer with over 12 years experience in the fitness industry. He is also a highly sought after fitness model and actor in New York City. With clients ranging from housewives and models to CEOs and movie stars, Max knows what it takes to get you in the best shape of your life.