How to Do a Bar Dip for an Arm Workout

Learn how to do a bar dip from personal trainer Brett Azar in this Howcast home arm workout for men video.


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Want Popeye arms without joining a gym? Let personal trainer Brett Azar demonstrate the exercises that will give you buff biceps and ripped triceps in no time at all. The fact that they can be done on your own schedule, in the comfort of your own home, gives you no excuse not to try this arm workout for men.



I'm going to go over with you a very basic building block for the triceps, the bar dip. Now, with this, there's many different bar dips that you could find in the gym. There's one's that look like this. There's one's that are angled, depending on how wide or narrow you want your dip. The narrower your dip, the more focused it's gonna be on your triceps. Again, this exercise is a principal exercise for the growth and strength of your triceps. To perform this, if you're strong enough, you can do body weight. There are assisted where you can use a percentage of your body weight, but we're gonna go with body weight for now. To perform this exercise, you're gonna start with your body suspended in the air held up by your arms. You're gonna lower yourself down keeping your elbows locked in place. You wanna reach parallel with your upper arms and push back up. When you push back up, you don't wanna lock your elbows out. You wanna keep the slightly bent at all times. That way you protect your joint. Again, down controlled, push up and as you push up, that's when you breathe out. Down controlled. Breathe out. Down controlled. Breathe out. Some bad habits you see with this, you see guys start swinging their body up and swinging them down trying to get momentum to do the exercise. Stay away from that. Avoid that at all costs. You want it controlled. The more controlled the better results you'll get in your triceps. One more time. With your feet, you can hold it in different ways too. You can hold them in front, you can hold them in back. Just let them hang. I just slightly bend them behind me. Lower yourself and extend. That's your basic bar dip.


  • Brett Azar

    Brett Azar is a professional actor, model and strength and conditioning specialist certified through the NSCA. Brett graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor's in Kinesiology - Exercise Science. He has been doing personal training professionally for eight years.