How to Do a Water Aerobics Line Jump

Learn how to do a water aerobics line jump from certified fitness instructor Aubree Marchione in this water workout Howcast video.


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What's not to love about water aerobics? You're in a pool so you can work up a sweat and still stay cool; you don't put any stress on your joints (a bonus for people with knee problems); and you can add equipment like weights and noodles to make the routine either harder or easier. Either way, you'll get a great workout that burns calories and tones the body. See some great water aerobic exercises demonstrated by Dancing with the Stars performer Aubree Marchione in these workout videos.



Line jumping is a great cardio workout in the pool. Cardio just means that you get your heart rate up, and you burn a lot of calories, so line jumping is great if you do want to lose some weight and burn some calories. To start off with line jumping you want to pretend that there's a line right next to you. You can jump over and jump back to make it a little easy. To make it harder you can do both legs at the same time. So you pick up the pace. It's a little tricky. You burn a lot more calories. You can also do the same thing if the line was horizontal in front of you. You could step over, step back, step over, step back. Use your arms, and that will give your arms a really good workout as well. Or you can pick up the pace, use both legs and jump forward and back. So this is line jumping. I would do it for about two to three minutes. You could also do intervals, which is the basic for about 30 seconds, and then you could do it for a minute back and forth, and I would repeat that about 3 times. So that's line jumping, a great cardio workout.


  • Aubree Marchione

    Aubree Marchione is a certified fitness and dance expert with experience in various forms of exercise. You may recognize her dance choreography from your favorite television shows, commercials, or feature films!