How to Do a Muay Thai Kickboxing Bag Workout

Learn how to do a kickboxing bag workout from Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds in this muay Thai training video from Howcast.


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Put your most lethal foot forward by learning how to do muay Thai, a martial art developed in Thailand that focuses on kickboxing but also teaches you how to defend yourself using your fists and elbows. In these videos, Mushin Mixed Martial Arts instructor Sean Hinds teaches you all the moves. Even if you never have to use it against a real opponent, you'll get in great shape learning it.



I like to use the heavy bag sometimes as the sole purpose of the workout or maybe at the end of the workout. All we do on the heavy bag is put together combinations, punches, kicks, knees. Try and throw as much as you can within the round and stay busy. So. Throw the kicks low. Throw the kicks high. Throw push kicks. You come back with punches. Bop. And come back now. You don't want to stay in the same spot. You want to try and move around to the right, come out, circle around to the left. And whenever you come in, always be ready and engaged that you're going to throw a punch, a kick or whatever combination. That will get you used to when you're actually against an opponent now. When you close the distance, you're not going to close the distance and just kind of like stand there and ponder on what you're going to do. You come out, you go in. And when you come in always be ready to throw. After you throw, always be ready to either come back, block and then attack again. And that's the heavy bag.


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