How to Remove Stomach Hair

Learn how to remove stomach hair from Completely Bare owner (and former Real Housewife of New York City) Cindy Barshop in this Howcast video.


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Confused about all the options available to remove body hair? Completely Bare owner (and former Real Housewife of New York) Cindy Barshop walks you through all the available hair removal techniques -- waxing, sugaring, electrolysis, laser treatments -- and gives you the pros and cons of each method in these videos.



Stomach hair. Once again are we talking about a man or a woman with stomach hair? They're just called different things, but we both have it. So if you have very fine hair on the stomach line I actually suggest that you could shave that area. Also we could use something to make sure that it doesn't grow back as quickly and that's something new on the marketplace called a Capslow which is a plant extract that slows the hair growth. Completely Bare has something called Don't Grow There which is also a moisturizer. I like getting things done really quickly so if I'm putting something on my stomach I'd rather be moisturizing at the same time. So it slows the hair growth between shaving. Or the other option is waxing. Waxing lasts a little bit longer but then again you always have to let it grow back in so it's your choice. So if you're waxing your stomach line and if you're doing it at home one of the most important things is to make sure that the area is dry and no matter whose was you use, you should utilize a sensitive type of wax, put it on in the growth of your hair follicles. So you take a look at which way the hairs follicle is growing and you put the wax on in that way. When you take it off you stay as close to the skin as possible and you pull off in the opposite direction.


  • Cindy Barshop- Completely Bare

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