How to Do the Front Ocho in the Argentine Tango

Learn how to do the front ocho from tango instructors Diego Blanco and Ana Padron in this Howcast Argentine tango dance video.


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Want to learn how to tango? Award-winning Argentine Tango dancers Ana Padron and Diego Blanco, one of the top performing dance couples in the world today, teach you all the moves of this sexy dance in these easy-to-follow lessons.




  • Diego Blanco and Ana Padron

    Award-winning Argentine Tango dancers Diego Blanco and Ana Padron are one of the top performing couples in the world today. Diego and Ana command a wide range of dance disciplines from which they tap inspiration for their improvisation and choreography. They founded their dance company, Tango for All, to bring this electrifying dance to audiences in America and throughout the world. Diego and Ana have toured throughout the United States, the Caribbean, South America, Europe and Asia. They have performed in numerous off-Broadway shows and have danced and done choreography for an independent film. In Kuala Lumpur they were honored with an award for their “dedication to Argentine Tango as a form of expression through dance and for expanding knowledge of the dance through teaching.” They are now based in New York City, where they teach experienced dancers and newcomers alike.