How to Do Juji Nage in Aikido

Learn how to do juji nage from the instructors at The New York Aikikai in this Howcast aikido video.


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Are you a fan of Steven Seagal's martial arts moves? He's an expert in aikido, a Japanese martial art that focuses on self-defense moves that help you turn an attacker's energy against him. Learn how to become an aikido practitioner yourself with the demonstrations by New York Aikikai instructors in these videos.



This next technique is called juji nage, which is an arm throw. It can also be called hiji nage, which specifically focuses on the elbow. We can start with morote dori, a double handed grab. We'll need both arms to execute juji nage and you'll see this in just a minute. Again, the first basic movement, tenkan, and out of the way. My partner trying to take the bottom hand. Dislodge it. Cross the arms. And as I step forward I'm pushing this lower hand against the elbow of the arm on top. As you step forward this will apply pressure to the arms. Tenkan. Remove that hand on top and move your body forward behind your extension. So I want to try to avoid allowing myself to collapse and then try and push, which doesn't help me a whole lot. Blend. Create the extension in the space. Move your body forward. You can also see this from ryote dori, again, if I have both hands occupied. Move through. I want to scoop off the top hand. Grab the bottom one. Cross the arms and forward again. Juji nage.


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